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 Absorption Wavemeter.pdf2020-05-29 03:16 73K 
 Accurate Gain-Phase Measurement up to 2.5GHz.pdf2020-03-04 02:54 204K 
 Anemometer.pdf2020-05-20 04:21 2.2M 
 Applause Meter.pdf1998-07-22 22:22 127K 
 Applause Meter Circuit only.gif1997-02-16 20:01 14K 
 Beat-Frequency Indicator.pdf2020-03-21 22:26 47K 
 Blown Fuse Indicator.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 111K 
 Blown Fuse Indicators.pdf2009-05-31 04:02 169K 
 Breakdown Voltage Meter.pdf2014-05-20 01:28 28K 
 Bridge Circuit Meter Substitute.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 80K 
 Build A Pair Of Lazy Leads.pdf2009-06-23 04:48 51K 
 Build An Ion Meter Errata RE 1990 03.pdf2020-07-19 00:45 313K 
 Build a Seismograph Part 1 ETT 1989-12.pdf2020-07-27 00:25 5.8M 
 CLMeterB_Schematic.pdf2009-12-13 21:48 213K 
 Cable Reflection Tester.pdf2020-02-08 18:40 3.0M 
 Cable Tester - Go-No Go.pdf2005-03-28 13:55 154K 
 Capacitance Substitution Box.pdf2020-02-16 01:24 3.0M 
 Carvalyzer to Service Tube Car Radios.pdf2020-02-12 22:55 201K 
 Center Zero Led Bar-Dot Meter.pdf2006-02-21 04:29 83K 
 Chart Recorder Plots Total Loads in Several Circuits.pdf2010-06-25 02:18 117K 
 Circuit Breaker Substitution Box.pdf2009-07-19 20:50 29K 
 Climate Logger.pdf2020-07-21 22:09 3.6M 
 Constant Current Dummy Load.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 114K 
 Contact Tester Quantifies Open-Short Circuit Tendencies.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 209K 
 Contactless AC Mains Voltage Detector.zip1999-05-20 19:19 5.8K 
 Continuity Checker.zip2004-05-26 07:00 83K 
 Continuity Tester (2).pdf2020-02-24 23:41 52K 
 Continuity Tester (3).pdf2020-06-08 20:41 3.8M 
 Continuity Tester (4).pdf2020-08-25 21:31 3.8M 
 Continuity Tester.pdf2020-02-23 04:11 271K 
 Continuity Tester 1.pdf2009-07-19 22:04 26K 
 Continuity Tester 2.pdf2009-12-06 06:03 92K 
 Current Flow Indicator.pdf2009-08-20 05:13 24K 
 Current Transmitter Calibrator.pdf2009-07-26 03:50 100K 
 DC Lamp Failure Indicator.pdf2009-05-31 03:46 15K 
 Dc Voltage Or Current Meter.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 17K 
 Dead Short Tester.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 79K 
 Designing Instrumentation Circuitry with RMS-DC Converters.pdf2011-03-29 01:54 1.1M 
 Differential Audio Distortion Analyzer.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 585K 
 Digital Barometer Errata ME 1989-01.pdf2020-08-18 22:33 58K 
 Digital Clock and Thermometer.pdf2020-08-27 01:33 1.6M 
 Digital IC Breadboard.pdf2009-06-01 04:28 521K 
 Digital Phototachometer.pdf2020-07-06 03:55 703K 
 Digital Pressure Gauge.pdf2009-05-23 05:25 672K 
 Digital Wind Speed Meter.pdf2002-03-16 04:58 753K 
 Diode Air Flow Sensor.pdf2004-11-15 02:29 124K 
 Diode Matrix Tester.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 144K 
 Dip Switches To Isolate Faults In A System.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 1.0M 
 Distortion Measurement.jpg2011-09-28 18:59 139K 
 Earth Warning Indicator.pdf2009-10-10 04:38 15K 
 Electronic Stethoscope.pdf2009-10-07 05:34 279K 
 Electroscopes & Geiger Counters.pdf2020-03-18 23:04 6.5M 
 Engineer's Stethoscope.pdf2010-06-02 05:14 293K 
 Environmental Test Chamber.pdf2009-05-26 02:42 528K 
 Fart Strength Meter.pdf1999-05-20 20:30 187K 
 Fiber-Optic Strand Checker.pdf2020-10-23 00:22 153K 
 Filter to Measure Power Line Harmonics.pdf2009-09-14 01:57 74K 
 Flexible Fault Detection With Reed Coil Relays.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 96K 
 Fluxmeter Input For Dmm.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 45K 
 Four Test Gadgets made with a single hex inverter.pdf2020-12-21 05:57 151K 
 Fraser Technologies Ltd Applause Meter.pdf2017-04-16 19:28 329K 
 Geiger Counter.pdf2020-07-17 23:09 1.4M 
 Graphic Level Meter 2100.zip2000-03-16 05:01 31K 
 High-Low Logic Tester.pdf2009-06-01 03:27 58K 
 High-Performance Dc Voltmeter Converter.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 14K 
 Indicators for All Occasions.pdf2020-02-23 22:44 805K 
 Infrared Remote Tester.pdf2020-07-26 01:20 450K 
 Instrument Read Out in Braille Comments.pdf2009-08-06 05:43 26K 
 Intelligent Cable Tester.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 3.5M 
 Intermod-Distortion Analyzer Calibrator.pdf2009-11-12 03:22 67K 
 Ion Meter Errata RE 1990-03.pdf2021-04-08 03:45 313K 
 KRS Distance Measuring Device Interface Board.pdf2009-09-20 19:54 47K 
 LED Oscilloscope.pdf2009-05-09 05:04 215K 
 LED Visual Data Monitor.jpg2019-06-04 03:41 288K 
 Lampkin 205A Deviation Meter.pdf2020-07-26 22:11 1.5M 
 Leakage Tester.pdf2009-10-24 02:38 136K 
 Line Frequency Meter.pdf2010-01-02 06:31 21K 
 Liquid Level Alarm.pdf2010-10-19 03:57 151K 
 Live Wire Scanner for 220V.pdf2020-08-03 23:34 151K 
 Locate Faults In Coaxial Cables.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 616K 
 Low Cost Weigh Scales.pdf2020-01-13 23:29 426K 
 Mains Cable Seeker.pdf2020-08-09 04:20 835K 
 Making a Wheatstone Bridge.pdf2020-07-03 21:21 3.4M 
 Maximum Voltage Detector.pdf2009-05-23 04:42 57K 
 Measurement and Control Circuits Collection.pdf2020-03-13 04:51 3.7M 
 Measuring Complex Impedances.pdf2009-10-30 03:19 187K 
 Measuring Insulation Resistance.pdf2020-02-21 04:43 297K 
 Measuring Large Currents.pdf2020-02-07 05:14 4.7M 
 Measuring Light Intensity.pdf2020-03-02 22:00 74K 
 Measuring Nanoamperes.pdf2009-09-27 02:13 1.4M 
 Measuring Relative Humidity.pdf2020-02-07 23:48 1.2M 
 Measuring Standby Power Of Cmos Rams.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 46K 
 Measuring Temperatures on Computer Chips.pdf2020-07-03 21:30 124K 
 Measuring relative humidity.pdf2020-12-27 01:14 1.1M 
 Microwave Oven Analyzer.pdf2020-02-07 05:49 3.1M 
 Mini-Metrology Lab.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 1.2M 
 Modem Tester.zip2003-11-13 06:47 133K 
 Modulated Signal Injector.pdf2020-11-29 06:16 1.1M 
 Motor Speed Measurement Circuit.pdf2018-02-03 00:00 735K 
 Multiple Test Point Monitor.pdf2020-03-18 23:01 5.4M 
 Overload Proof Current Indicator.pdf2009-01-11 23:59 82K 
 Passive Distortion Measuring Network.pdf2009-10-22 04:38 39K 
 Phase Measurement With A Pll.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 158K 
 Pipe and Cable Locator.pdf2020-07-17 23:09 1.6M 
 Pola Testers.pdf2009-06-23 04:15 566K 
 Polarity Sensing Continuity Tester.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 67K 
 Ponyprog.zip2004-05-26 07:00 191K 
 Portable Gas Detector.pdf2021-01-19 03:47 182K 
 Power Meter with 1 Percent Accuracy.pdf2009-09-20 23:28 103K 
 Power Supply Tester.pdf2018-06-29 22:09 659K 
 Pulse Width Range Detector.pdf2010-06-10 04:22 94K 
 Quicktracer.zip2004-05-26 07:00 864K 
 R&C Substitution Boxes.pdf2020-09-30 03:27 1.3M 
 RF Exposure Test Methods.pdf2009-09-12 02:42 399K 
 Radiation Monitor.pdf2010-01-04 03:56 2.0M 
 Radon Monitor Part 2.pdf2003-11-16 07:29 734K 
 Relative Humidity Gauge.pdf2020-03-09 00:45 732K 
 Relative Humidity Measurement.pdf2020-08-24 00:01 187K 
 Resistance Decade Box.pdf2009-07-23 05:17 284K 
 Rf Voltmeter.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 15K 
 Salt Concentration Meter.pdf2004-02-02 05:18 211K 
 Sanatron Current Timebase.pdf2014-05-20 01:27 39K 
 Self Powered Dummy Load.pdf2009-08-16 23:44 90K 
 Signal and Voltage Indicators.pdf2009-08-23 02:37 188K 
 Simple Test Circuits.pdf2020-08-18 00:33 1.2M 
 Sobriety Tester.zip2003-11-13 06:25 147K 
 Soil Moisture Meter.pdf2009-04-12 17:20 240K 
 Solar Dosimeter.pdf2020-08-14 19:46 2.6M 
 Solar Panel Simulator to test circuits.pdf2010-06-03 04:04 140K 
 Sure Luck Ohms - Resistor Value Identifier.pdf2020-08-29 02:24 4.3M 
 Surface Mount Part Ic Codes.zip2004-05-26 07:00 283K 
 Switchable Test Socket.pdf2020-03-04 23:44 285K 
 Switched Load To Test Power Supply Reponse.pdf2004-12-06 05:08 72K 
 Telco In A Box.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 548K 
 Telco In A Box Corrections.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 188K 
 Telephone Tester-Off Line.zip2004-05-26 07:00 54K 
 Tester For Dip Switches.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 113K 
 The Wagner Bridge.pdf2009-09-26 04:56 228K 
 Thermal Resistance Automatic Test Setup.pdf2010-06-25 02:09 115K 
 Time Voltage Calibrator.pdf2009-07-21 04:39 1.2M 
 True Rms Converter.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 18K 
 Tweezer Extension.pdf2009-07-20 02:38 29K 
 Ultrasonic Listener.pdf2020-04-29 22:57 1.0M 
 Usimg a DMM to measure capacitance.pdf2009-01-14 05:47 49K 
 Using Conductance to Check Out Electronic Components.pdf2009-11-29 07:20 878K 
 Using Tune Up Instruments.zip2004-06-07 07:00 1.1M 
 Voltmeter for the Blind.pdf2009-12-07 04:53 55K 
 Water Level Indicator.pdf2009-08-20 05:14 17K 
 Wavemeter for Hams and CBers.pdf2009-06-08 05:43 154K 
 Winking LED Resistance Bridge.pdf2014-04-23 03:52 100K 
 Zero Marking of AC Waveforms.pdf2020-12-04 00:22 459K