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I am sorry it has been so long since the last update. It took a while to amass enough new material that could not be found elsewhere on the net. And at that, some material from other web sites may have crept into my files.


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I am doing this page on a volunteer basis in the original spirit of "hacking". I get nothing for doing this and expect no reward other than the satisfaction that maybe I've helped someone get some information they need. The tiny amount of advertising is the price the ISP is charging for the server space and bandwidth.

If someone with more brains than sense decides to have some "fun" by altering, damaging or otherwise hacking this web site in any way that makes my life more difficult than it is now, I will withdraw the service.

I ask one thing of you. Please send me an e-mail if you found anything here useful and tell me what city, town, etc and country you are from. This is only for my curiosity. This information will not be used for any other purpose and you need not even tell me your real name and I don't want to know your exact address. Like an electronic QSL card (radio amateurs know what this means). chuckles951 at

I will answer NO QUESTIONS about any of these files. If you have any questions, post a notice on or other like news group. I cannot help you repair your TV, VCR or whatever. If you're an electronics student, I can't do your homework for you. I can do all these things but I simply do not have the time. Sorry. If you want a circuit built for you or modified I can do that. My rates are reasonable (for California).

Please do NOT ask me for schematics that are not listed. I mean this. I really do. I do not have any schematics not listed. I will acquire more in the future but I have no more than what I have right now and I don’t know what I might find in the future. And I don't know where you can find other schematics other than The Sams Company. And you can do a Google search as well as I can.

If you have schematics available that are NOT available on other web sites, please contact me at the emall address below and we will see what will be the best way for getting them to me to add to this site. I will not offer any manuals that are normally sold by an independent company like Sams, etc. where it is their primary business so please do not offer pirated Sams manuals. If you have a web site with schematics, please send me the link and feel free to link to my index page. I will also link to your index page, but not individual files.

If you need a TV, VCR or other consumer electronic manual that is not on my site, please try: The Sams Company

The Sams company has over 200,000 service manuals for sale, mostly for products sold only in North America. For manuals for products from outside of North America, if anyone can recommend sources, please let me know and I will include them. As for Sams manuals, I know they are not free but its the only place I know more likely than not to have the manual for a product sold in Canada or the USA. Besides, afterwards you may be able to sell the manual on EBay for half price or so. Please do NOT write me asking for manuals not listed because I don't have any that are not on this site.

I cannot do your engineering or electronics homework for you. Specially a request for a custom schematic with all parts values and the function of every single component explained along with how the particular value used in each spot was chosen. And 2 days before your assignment is due. Yes I have received requests like this. If you slept or partied through your classes, I suggest you explore careers in fast food.

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Other files car in MHTML and XPS format. This are Microsoft formats and Microsoft Internet Explorer allows these files to be read. 

As an electronics designer and a former national service manager for an importer of consumer electronics, I like to see service information as freely available as possible. However, if your company owns a copyright on any of these files and you object to them being made available to the public, just send an e-mail and they will disappear as soon as possible. If you are a copyright holder and any of these files are available elsewhere on the net, either with or without charge, please send me a link and I will include that link on these pages. If you think your manuals should be on the net but are not, what are you waiting for?

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