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 C-64 as a Frequency Counter.pdf2009-05-29 04:52 91K 
 CT4004 Audio Frequency Counter.zip2011-08-31 20:32 1.5M 
 Computer Based Test Instruments in 1993.pdf2014-02-09 05:38 638K 
 Computer Controlled IC Tester Part 3 .pdf2020-02-23 04:09 1.5M 
 DS2002 Audio Oscilloscope.zip2011-08-31 20:31 2.3M 
 Data Logger.pdf2021-02-02 05:20 891K 
 Digital IC Tester for C64.pdf2020-02-24 23:32 1.5M 
 Digital Ic Tester Using A Commodore 64.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 1.2M 
 Experimenting with PC Based Test Equipment-Capacitance Meter .pdf2018-06-03 18:52 4.1M 
 Experimenting with PC Based Test Equipment-IC Tester.pdf2018-02-26 03:37 8.8M 
 PC Based IC Tester & Identifier.pdf2019-02-20 04:57 6.6M 
 PC Based IC Tester.pdf2020-02-12 22:39 1.8M 
 PC Based Spectrum Analyzer.pdf2020-02-11 02:49 5.6M 
 PC Based Spectrum Analyzer Part 1.pdf2009-08-29 20:44 1.8M 
 PC Based Test Bench.pdf2009-08-17 02:46 3.1M 
 PC Based Test Equipment.pdf2020-01-27 01:02 1.0M 
 PC Based Test Equipment 1991 July.pdf2009-04-19 22:58 910K 
 Pc Based Cable Tester.pdf2004-05-26 07:00 423K 
 SA3002 FFT Spectrum Analyzer.zip2011-08-31 20:31 2.6M 
 SGOne Audio Function Generator.zip2011-08-31 20:31 4.2M 
 Sound Blaster Scope, Gen, FX Counter.zip2021-04-08 02:50 368K 
 TMS1 Audio Test System.zip2011-08-31 20:32 1.9M 
 TN-108 PC Audio Testing.zip2013-04-26 18:03 21M 
 Turn Your PC Into A Universal Frequency Counter.pdf2009-05-30 04:36 1.7M 
 WM400 AC Wattmeter.zip2011-08-31 20:33 1.4M