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 Bug Detector.pdf2018-07-10 01:51 3.5M 
 Bugging.pdf2018-07-10 01:47 6.0M 
 Crypto Lock.pdf2009-07-21 06:16 286K 
 Deciphering Secret Messages.pdf2011-06-20 02:20 477K 
 DigiStart Lock Errata PE 1977-04.pdf2020-07-03 21:45 184K 
 Electronic Combination Lock.pdf2009-01-12 02:09 60K 
 Electronic Locks - Misc.pdf2009-09-22 05:37 4.9M 
 Electronic Security Systems - Overview.pdf2012-03-08 04:18 616K 
 Electronic Sequential Combination Lock.pdf2020-07-07 18:50 2.0M 
 Experiments in Voice Recognition.pdf2009-09-28 02:38 1.1M 
 Speech Scrambler.pdf2009-03-25 06:15 645K 
 Vocal Truth Analyzer.pdf2009-09-20 23:43 903K 
 Voice Scrambler.pdf2009-01-15 04:43 364K 
 Voice Scramblers.pdf2009-09-08 02:58 2.2M