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Still online, we are. The code for this website is getting old, but still works well as far as I've seen. I may update it with new code and new features eventually, one day when I have both free time and focus. Until then, the content is still useful, I'm keeping it online. Comments and donations are welcome, but include your email address if you want a reply.

Ideas for the future of the site -
Here are some ideas I've been brainstorming. I don't think to much of the site should change, because it has been successful all these years with very little change. still nearly 1000 visitors a day to the site!
  • donations - I think it might be time to make some changes to the donations. I would rather see people get a lifetime membership and not have to worry about an expire date. here's an idea, a smaller recurring payment monthly, or 4 times a year, then maybe offer a second option, donate enough to cover the cost of the server for one month and you'll get a lifetime membership that never expires.
  • automated account creation - the membership process should be automated. I rarely hear a complaint about anything, but I don't think people feel so safe emailing me a username and password to set up an account. I think people may feel more safe dealing with an automated system. make a donation, then type your account into right in to the computer and have it set up on the spot.
  • members only forum - the site doesn't seem to need a full forum, but it could still benefit from a single simple board or mailing list, maybe. still optional, but maybe only available to members. non-members wouldn't be able to post on or see the forum. for those who donate to openly communicate.
You can send me your comments in the form above. I'm not putting any work into these changes without getting feedback from you!
If we have any web developers out there, we'd love your help! come on, my birthday's tomorrow!

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08-16-18 518728  5.25 Inch Hard Drive Bracket Assembly Instructions.pdf
08-16-18 4981893  68705 Microcontroller Programmer.pdf
08-16-18 8948631  Adding I-O Ports to Microcomputers.pdf
08-17-18 2908073  Adventures of Baron Munchausen.mht
08-16-18 2847014  All About Interfacing Part 2.pdf
08-16-18 503093  Annuncionics Cruise Control.pdf
08-16-18 5538621  Assorted Loudspeaker Enclosure Designs.pdf
08-16-18 670204  Auto Intrusion Alarm.pdf
08-16-18 506591  Basic Car Alarm.pdf
08-16-18 3986661  Boot Your PC Remotely Part 2.pdf
08-16-18 11494255  Build a Macintosh Compatible Computer.pdf
08-16-18 4012726  Building Your Own Robot.pdf
08-16-18 1736168  CD4066 Applications.pdf
08-16-18 1431260  Califone14V-9 12V-9 12VJ8-9 SchematicFinal.PDF
08-16-18 649093  Car Rip Off Protection.pdf
08-16-18 602271  Check LED Quality with Pulsed Voltage Measurement.pdf
08-16-18 3971295  Commodore 64 Controlled Robot Arm.pdf
08-16-18 5857235  Computer Controlled Robot Arm.pdf
08-16-18 460471  Computer Funnies from the 80s_0001.jpg
08-16-18 83204  Computer Funnies from the 80s_0002.jpg
08-17-18 154157  Computer Funnies from the 80s_0003.jpg
08-16-18 608654  Conjuring At Home_.mht
08-16-18 843302  Counters and Sequencer using CD4013.pdf
08-16-18 3730761  Crystal Oscillators.pdf
08-16-18 4937419  Degree-Day Meter to Check Heat Loss.pdf
08-16-18 1072225  Detecting Signs of Heart Attack.pdf
08-16-18 27742  Driving in Phoenix.jpg
08-16-18 4527712  Duke Nukem 3D User Guide.pdf
08-16-18 446112  ECO-3 Electronic Crossover Notes.pdf
08-16-18 5652167  EPROM Emulator.pdf
08-16-18 636879  Electromagnetic Satellite Launch System - 1990.pdf
08-16-18 4771552  Energy Saving Home Thermostat.pdf
08-16-18 750810  Engine Staller to Thwart Thieves.pdf
08-16-18 3637925  Entertainment in the Home up to 1975.pdf
08-16-18 4317136  Experimenting with PC Based Test Equipment-Capacitance Meter .pdf
08-16-18 9215873  Experimenting with PC Based Test Equipment-IC Tester.pdf
08-16-18 14318682  Fifty Years of Electronics Publishing 1908-1958.pdf
08-16-18 2569153  Force Sensing Resistors.pdf
08-16-18 582840  Fraser Electronics 2 Channel Lighting Control Power Pack for Tommy Africas.jpg
08-16-18 794418  Fraser Electronics 4 Channel Triac Board.pdf
08-16-18 3215875  Fraser Electronics R11-R12 24V Light Controllers.pdf
08-16-18 3818459  Fraser Electronics R3A & R7 Light Controller Prototype Notes.pdf
08-16-18 3393595  Handy Forms for Property Purchasing.pdf
08-16-18 1120390  Hard Drive Crash Recovery Services.pdf
08-16-18 1005846  Hard Drive Operation.pdf
08-16-18 1657568  Heart Attack Symptoms.pdf
08-16-18 3640370  Heating Controller.pdf
08-16-18 11407583  History of the Ford Motor Company in Canada 1904-1997.pdf
08-16-18 4461595  How to Add I-O Ports to Microcomputers.pdf
08-16-18 250297  How to Use Transconductance Operational Amplifiers Errata.pdf
08-16-18 772938  Hypex SMPS180 Info Sheet.pdf
08-16-18 1483414  Hypex SMPS180 Power Supply Application Information.pdf
08-16-18 6476837  Introduction to Controls, Automation & Data Acquisition.pdf
08-16-18 363205  Is Mars Dead Or Alive.mht
08-16-18 219944  Japanese Fighting.mht
08-16-18 1089634  LED Thermostat Indicator.pdf
08-16-18 609332  Laney_IRT120H_Service_Manual.pdf
08-16-18 455316  Laney_IRT60-212_Service_Manual.pdf
08-16-18 3091809  Lee de Forest 100th Anniversary BW.pdf
08-16-18 1148974  Letters From The Planets.mht
08-16-18 871830  Masdar trials desert fish farms and biofuels grown with seawater - The National.pdf
08-16-18 525434  Maxtor IDE Hard Drive Installation.pdf
08-16-18 2235404  Measuring High Currents with a DMM.pdf
08-16-18 904247  Microprocessor Glossary from 1977.pdf
08-16-18 14525547  Misc Robot Building Blocks.pdf
08-16-18 4546256  Mopar Single Module Engine Controller R&I Instructions.pdf
08-16-18 250297  Music Synthesizer ICs Errata.pdf
08-16-18 1565  My Get Up and Go has Got Up and Went.txt
08-16-18 4077450  NTSC to VGA Converter.pdf
08-16-18 237171  Negative Supply from a Positive Supply.pdf
08-16-18 210549  Obsolescense.jpg
08-16-18 48637813  Old Data Storage Methods.pdf
08-17-18 1581652  PC Based DAQ Module.pdf
08-16-18 2710324  PC Hardware Interfacing.pdf
08-16-18 5925797  PIC Programmer.pdf
08-16-18 10946606  PROM Programming 1.pdf
08-16-18 22861271  PROM Programming 2.pdf
08-17-18 5182521  Panasonic SL-SX430 431C Portable CD Player OM.pdf
08-16-18 3913549  Parsing Hackish - Computer Speak Explained.pdf
08-16-18 578461  Pulsed Low Power Source powers Solenoids & Relays.pdf
08-16-18 5828616  R-E Robot Computer Board Hardware Details.pdf
08-16-18 5760020  R-E Robot Part 04.pdf
08-17-18 5632516  R-E Robot Part 06.pdf
08-16-18 3721111  R-E Robot Part 08.pdf
08-17-18 4295387  R-E Robot Part 09.pdf
08-16-18 3118903  R-E Robot Part 10.pdf
08-16-18 2449971  R-E Robot Part 12.pdf
08-16-18 3440238  R-E Robot Part 13.pdf
08-16-18 5729578  Radon Monitor.pdf
08-16-18 2681374  Remote Control Power Switch.pdf
08-16-18 501097  Remote Control Tester.pdf
08-16-18 3466188  Risk Assessment of Voice Alarm Systems.pdf
08-16-18 20721494  Robot Construction Basics.pdf
08-16-18 13101177  Robotic Lawn Mower Parts 1&2.pdf
08-16-18 14956937  Robotic Lawn Mower Parts 3&4.pdf
08-16-18 7948966  Royal Canadian Air Force XBX Fitness Plan.pdf
08-16-18 438409  Rules for Writing and Getting Published.pdf
08-16-18 782423  SMPS180 Data Sheet pages 5-6.pdf
08-16-18 345462  SOS Flasher.pdf
08-16-18 16508739  Samsung 20K-20 - MTC MTV208 20 inch TV.pdf
08-17-18 154840  Simple Anti-Theft Device for Older Vehicles.pdf
08-17-18 6787784  Simpson 260 & 270 Meter Operator's Manual.pdf
08-16-18 2500685  Single Transistor Switching Circuit Design.pdf
08-16-18 8065386  Socket 370 PC133 M787 Series PC Motherboard.pdf
08-17-18 20596490  Solid State Memory Archive 1.pdf
08-17-18 941327  Spark Gap Transmitters.pdf
08-17-18 899218  Spark Transciver.pdf
08-16-18 3063477  Speaker Protection.pdf
08-17-18 628082  Stabilized Crystal Oven.pdf
08-16-18 217026  Standard Op-Amp Circuits.pdf
08-16-18 169254  Standard Power Supply Configurations.pdf
08-16-18 3291121  Static RAM Circuits.pdf
08-16-18 396689  Stylus Balance.pdf
08-16-18 168069  Sun, Wind and Wave.mht
08-16-18 402624  Tales of the Long Bow.mht
08-16-18 5281004  Telephone Scrambler.pdf
08-16-18 2349157  Temperature Alarm.pdf
08-16-18 502757  Ten Ideas for Staying Employed During Your First 60 Days on the Job.pdf
08-17-18 25451  Tesla, The New Wizard of the West.mht
08-16-18 5111492  The 100th Anniversary of Sound Recording - 1977.pdf
08-16-18 1920673  The Federal Reserve Under Greenspan.pdf
08-16-18 940  The Man In the Glass.txt
08-16-18 5584447  The PC Poller.pdf
08-16-18 3233386  The Prison Business.pdf
08-16-18 1348768  Time Delay Relay.pdf
08-16-18 906705  Transistors as Temperature Sensors.pdf
08-16-18 943525  Trim Tab Position Sensor Notes.pdf
08-16-18 5110316  Typical Document - Preparing for Your Surgery and Hospital Stay.pdf
08-16-18 11160943  Unicorn 1 Robot Parts 4, 6 & 11.pdf
08-16-18 305571  VOX for Phone to PA Interface.pdf
08-16-18 2701470  Versatile Analog Interface for Your Computer.pdf
08-16-18 1391269  Video Descrambling 1982-08.pdf
08-16-18 1207872  Video Descrambling 1983-03.pdf
08-16-18 5505754  Vintage Radio Restoration.pdf
08-16-18 2556583  Voice Changer.pdf
08-16-18 1609625  Volta and his Electric Pile.pdf
08-17-18 15387  Voltage Controlled Panner circuit.gif
08-16-18 2312  Voltage Controlled Panner circuit.txt
08-16-18 9100950  White Line Follower.pdf
08-16-18 3595999  Wireless Microphone for Camcorder.pdf
08-16-18 692830  Wishful Thinking on Alcohol and Heart Disease.pdf
08-16-18 1116340  Womens Rights in Islam Brochure.pdf
08-16-18 4350823  World War 2 Memories of a Canadian Soldier - Allan Stodalka.pdf
08-16-18 453696  Zero Crossing Heater Controller.pdf
08-16-18 129  _ABOUT THIS SECTION.txt

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