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03-25-19 2087729  10 Founding Fathers Quotes That Will Make Conservatives’ Heads Explode Americans Against the Tea Party.mht
03-24-19 14322  10.1-trillion national debt - Let's cut taxes.mht
03-25-19 2506526  20 Jesus Quotes That Will Make Conservatives’ Heads Explode Americans Against the Tea Party.mht
03-24-19 351261  2010 Federal Budget and R&D Spending.xps
03-24-19 71830  A Discussion on Abortion.xps
03-24-19 306382  A famed neoconservative switches sides on the Iraq war -- and all hell breaks loose - 2006.xps
03-24-19 338778  America, right and wrong 2006.xps
03-24-19 98553  American Reform Party.xps
03-24-19 173604  Bush's Faith-Based Decision-Making.xps
03-24-19 30208  Bush's Resume.doc
03-24-19 85354  Bush's resume.xps
03-24-19 188293  CANADA-USA INTEGRATION.xps
03-24-19 821033  CEOs and tea partiers - Shut up and pay taxes.xps
03-24-19 1985522  Canadians invite California, Oregon and Washington to join Canada ThinkPol.mht
03-24-19 1441098  Charlie Sykes on Where the Right Went Wrong - The New York Times.mht
03-24-19 107796  Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies 2006.xps
03-24-19 140548  Conflict Amongst Consensu.xps
03-24-19 71649  Drug Policy.xps
03-24-19 284832  Drug war takes a flying LEAP 2007.xps
03-24-19 850713  Drugs - A war that cannot be won - 1992.pdf
03-24-19 600630  Elvis Visits Nixon.pdf
03-24-19 112414  Federalism is a Crummy System.xps
03-24-19 1207560  Fundamentalism, racism, fear and propaganda_ An insider explains why rural, Christian white America will never change.pdf
03-24-19 2885116  HousingAffordability Report.pdf
03-24-19 3008862  How Conservative Brains Are Wired Differently and What This Means for Our Politics Alternet.mht
03-24-19 273619  How We Became the United States of France.xps
03-24-19 917396  How marijuana became legal - Sep_ 11, 2009.mht
03-24-19 45056  Humanist Oath.pdf
03-24-19 291650  Immigration Equality - TLM - Chapter 5.mht
03-24-19 164543  Is aviation security mostly for show.pdf
03-24-19 53601  Lifting the veil on gender apartheid.rtf
03-24-19 216211  Make A Run For the Altar.pdf
03-24-19 1753699  MarijuanAmerica.xps
03-24-19 40714  Obama vs Palin.xps
03-24-19 299289  PJ and the Bear - A commentary on life in the Soviet Union in 1983.pdf
03-24-19 299289  Pj And The Bear - A Commentary On Life In The Soviet Union In 1983.pdf
03-24-19 96237  Possible Solution to Drug Problem without Legalization.pdf
03-24-19 39425  Proposing an amendment to the US Constitution to Require a Balanced Budget.xps
03-24-19 101431  Reason for Concern.xps
03-25-19 1374098  Right-Wing Conservatism Debunked by Jesus Christ Himself in Under 3 Minutes (Video) Americans Against the Tea Party.mht
03-24-19 1078544  Running in the red How the U_S_, on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt 1 - The Washington Post.mht
03-24-19 1076021  Running in the red How the U_S_, on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt 2 - The Washington Post.mht
03-24-19 1076826  Running in the red How the U_S_, on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt 3 - The Washington Post.mht
03-24-19 783675  Sins of the Fathers Visited on the Children - Yahoo! Answers.mht
03-24-19 182407  The 48 Laws of Power.xps
03-24-19 517574  The 55 trillion question 1.xps
03-25-19 447686  The 55 trillion question 2.xps
03-24-19 85963  The Conflict in Israel.xps
03-24-19 58627  The Demonized Seed.mht
03-25-19 531109  The Fake Crisis- 2005.pdf
03-24-19 2138513  The GOP's Dirty War.xps
03-24-19 358394  The Hidden Players Trying to Privatize Canada's Health Care System.pdf
03-24-19 758549  The New Order II by Carpathia.pdf
03-24-19 82306  The State of Handgun Control.pdf
03-24-19 2205717  The Use and Abuse of Inquiries.pdf
03-24-19 123040  The War on Drugs and Treatment Issues 1993.pdf
03-24-19 766736  The Worker's Wordbook.pdf
03-24-19 233748  US State DEPT DISPATCH, VOLUME 6, NUMBER 10, MARCH 6, 1995.mht
03-24-19 8486  US drug war has met none of its goals.mht
03-24-19 66988  US drug war has met none of its goals.xps
03-24-19 571645  US vs. UK - A history of love and hate.xps
03-24-19 10810  USfatalities.gif
03-24-19 10810  Usfatalities.gif
03-24-19 185677  What I Want From The Democrats.pdf
03-24-19 185677  What I want from the Democrats.pdf
03-24-19 270421  What Orwell saw.xps
03-24-19 398728  Why Iraq Was a Mistake 1.xps
03-24-19 429518  Why Iraq Was a Mistake 2.xps
03-24-19 424514  Why Iraq Was a Mistake 3.xps
03-24-19 1366678  Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying - The New York Times.mht
03-24-19 75982  Why Vote.PDF
03-24-19 1116340  Womens Rights in Islam Brochure.pdf
03-24-19 1530471  Yes California Independence Campaign_org-.mht
03-24-19 513  _About This Section.txt
03-24-19 352781  finalprogramcuts.pdf

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