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Still online, we are. The code for this website is getting old, but still works well as far as I've seen. I may update it with new code and new features eventually, one day when I have both free time and focus. Until then, the content is still useful, I'm keeping it online. Comments and donations are welcome, but include your email address if you want a reply.

Ideas for the future of the site -
Here are some ideas I've been brainstorming. I don't think to much of the site should change, because it has been successful all these years with very little change. still nearly 1000 visitors a day to the site!
  • donations - I think it might be time to make some changes to the donations. I would rather see people get a lifetime membership and not have to worry about an expire date. here's an idea, a smaller recurring payment monthly, or 4 times a year, then maybe offer a second option, donate enough to cover the cost of the server for one month and you'll get a lifetime membership that never expires.
  • automated account creation - the membership process should be automated. I rarely hear a complaint about anything, but I don't think people feel so safe emailing me a username and password to set up an account. I think people may feel more safe dealing with an automated system. make a donation, then type your account into right in to the computer and have it set up on the spot.
  • members only forum - the site doesn't seem to need a full forum, but it could still benefit from a single simple board or mailing list, maybe. still optional, but maybe only available to members. non-members wouldn't be able to post on or see the forum. for those who donate to openly communicate.
You can send me your comments in the form above. I'm not putting any work into these changes without getting feedback from you!
If we have any web developers out there, we'd love your help! come on, my birthday's tomorrow!

Better forum? -
We are currently using vbulletin, but maybe there's a simpler alternative that would better fit the site. What do you think of this one? Please let us know what you think, keep vBulletin, or switch to SEO. Comment box is below.

ideas or comments?
please send us your comments or suggestions or any ideas you might have for the site. this is the easiest way for you to let us know what you think. just type in the box above and send.

Thank you, everyone who has helped support the site over the years. you've done your part, now help me do my part to improve the site with your input.

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new server -
this week, we've moved the website to a bigger faster server. we have doubled the weekly download limit to 20mb and are now allowing hot-linking, so more people can get the documents they're looking for. this new server is still relatively low cost, but is a bit more to pay for each month then the last server. we still need your donations to help with this. thank you all who have supported the site and community!!!

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08-14-18 36932  48 Laws of Power.mht
08-14-18 91165  A Day Without Rain.xps
08-14-18 42181  A New Perspective.pdf
08-14-18 136254  An Innocent Man.xps
08-14-18 139248  Andy Summers.xps
08-14-18 550672  Buy Our Product.pdf
08-14-18 91770  Comedy as a Literary Genre.xps
08-14-18 1627441  Confessions of an LA Bookie.pdf
08-14-18 814602  Dream Stuff.pdf
08-14-18 1507520  For Women - Why Your Love Life is Nowhere.pdf
08-14-18 306126  From the Wilderness.pdf
08-14-18 20633  Frustration.xps
08-14-18 193248  Grabber spare parts source.pdf
08-14-18 39065  HOW TO CHEAT IN DEBATES.xps
08-14-18 12960764  Harper's Magazine 1857-01 The Animal Declaration of Independence.pdf
08-14-18 59329  Healthy Appetite for Perfection Stirs Inspector.mht
08-14-18 6324379  Holocaust of Giants.pdf
08-14-18 4492  How to Cheat in Debates.txt
08-14-18 195355  How to Get Motivated.pdf
08-14-18 95810  How to Increase Your Self Esteem.pdf
08-14-18 202661  How to fold a crane.pdf
08-14-18 60267  Incredible Secret Money Machine Revisited.pdf
08-14-18 371807  Independent Living at Home for the Elderly.pdf
08-14-18 506629  Inside Scientology.xps
08-14-18 1326898  Kool Keeping Quiz.pdf
08-14-18 125210  Language Evolution Map.pdf
08-14-18 280458  Light and Darkness in Canada.xps
08-14-18 101949  Like a Rolling Stone.xps
08-14-18 948348  Making Cold Antimatter.pdf
08-14-18 257807  Morisot, Wright, Warhol.xps
08-14-18 30706  New spiral over northern hemisphere February 18, 2010.jpg
08-14-18 124171455  Official Souvenir Map Expo 67.pdf
08-14-18 140266  One Man's Trash.......pdf
08-14-18 266001  Periodic Table.pdf
08-14-18 6043571  Postage Stamps From the Future.mht
08-14-18 1883503  Religion and Altruism.mht
08-14-18 33365  Research Tools.pdf
08-14-18 252114  Rolling Over Uncertain Terrain.xps
08-14-18 325960  Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace.pdf
08-14-18 108161  Shaving Your Legs.xps
08-14-18 84505  Small Town, Small Talk.xps
08-14-18 1689774  Smart and Single.pdf
08-14-18 8451378  Some Unsolved Scientific Problems.pdf
08-14-18 736296  Superconductivity Breakthroughs.pdf
08-14-18 217815  Tempo Magnetic Exercise Bike Users Manual.pdf
08-14-18 4160579  Ten Rules for Happiness and Contentment.pdf
08-14-18 120601  The Concrete Poet.xps
08-14-18 166620  The Principles of Punk.xps
08-14-18 146879  Too Many Cooks.pdf
08-14-18 271606  Typologies of Lifestyle.pdf
08-14-18 2875341  Unconfirmed Rumors.pdf
08-14-18 165883  Victory over stench is sweet.xps
08-14-18 1077565  Why San Francisco hates Los Angeles - Matador Network.mht

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