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 Electronic Humor

Last Accessed Size  File
10-15-18 956548  10 things being a bartender teaches you about people - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 151215  10+ dangerous species of help desk callers.pdf
10-15-18 1283  2 dogs.txt
10-15-18 1411901  43 Reasons For Loving Americans - from the 1980s.pdf
10-15-18 58122  A dog's run-in with a skunk sends his owner scrambling for cleaning ideas.mht
10-15-18 217347  Acupuncture and Atmospheric Ions.pdf
10-15-18 65646  Application For Residence In Surrey Bc Canada.pdf
10-15-18 122808  Application for Residence in Surrey (or West Virginia).pdf
10-15-18 65646  Application for residence in Surrey BC Canada.pdf
10-15-18 485684  Are Consumer Electronic Products Too Complicated.pdf
10-15-18 2628888  Assorted Humor 01.pdf
10-15-18 12262404  Assorted Humor 02.pdf
10-15-18 690667  Avoid Paying Your Bills.pdf
10-15-18 11877  BLONDE JOKES.txt
10-15-18 2279  BUMPER STICKERS.txt
10-15-18 519286  Battle Of The
10-15-18 761121  Best and Worst - Edmonton Journal.pdf
10-15-18 45202  Bose Ultra Tiny Speaker Ad.jpg
10-15-18 2508  CHILDREN'S LETTERS TO GOD.txt
10-15-18 1804  Cinderella.txt
10-15-18 1168  Clinton in School.txt
10-15-18 434475  Computer
10-15-18 46435  Consultants.jpg
10-15-18 3864  Darwin Awards.txt
10-15-18 482842  De-mystifying Realtor-Speak.pdf
10-15-18 721045  Debt Calls Your Bluff - 1993.jpg
10-15-18 974949  Do you feel your parents are from outer space.pdf
10-15-18 1365  Doc I'm having trouble.txt
10-15-18 120809  Downsizing at the North Pole.pdf
10-15-18 522  Email Address.txt
10-15-18 154080  Establishing Porper Noise Levels In An Office Environment.pdf
10-15-18 1502  FLYING IN FOG.txt
10-15-18 70067  Fall Tune-Up for your Furnace.pdf
10-15-18 1525054  Fishing & Motor Will Not
10-15-18 1525054  Fishing & Motor will not
10-15-18 3803  Five Stages Of Drinking.txt
10-15-18 614859  Funny
10-15-18 3077  Get rid of Jehovah Witnesses.txt
10-15-18 1189  Golden Saloon.txt
10-15-18 3321  Guide to the Bases.txt
10-15-18 1092825  How Women Think.pdf
10-15-18 846292  How to piss off a Millennial - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 844541  How to piss off a Texan - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 889905  How to piss off a feminist - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 882274  How to piss off a flight attendant - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 1165662  How to piss off an American - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 890460  How to piss off an Angeleno - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 929589  How to piss off an Asian American - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 904033  How to piss off an atheist - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 781946  How to piss off someone from Austin during SXSW - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 867719  How to piss off someone from DC - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 910525  How to piss off someone from Florida - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 796145  How to piss off someone from France - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 978105  How to piss off someone from Michigan - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 956015  How to piss off someone from Montreal - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 1001172  How to piss off someone from New Jersey - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 1091104  How to piss off someone from Ohio - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 968960  How to piss off someone from Pittsburgh - Matador Network.mht
10-15-18 2466259  Humor 15.pdf
10-15-18 2253273  Humor 16.pdf
10-15-18 156403  Humor 38.pdf
10-15-18 426788  Humor1.pdf
10-15-18 335586  Humor2.pdf
10-15-18 24338  Husband Night Out Permission Slip[1].pdf
10-15-18 25910  I Can Barely Believe They Printed This, And Someone Worried About It, Even In 1988.pdf
10-15-18 25910  I can barely believe they printed this, and someone worried about it, even in 1988.pdf
10-15-18 1850  Income Tax.txt
10-15-18 3780  Inhibited engineer.txt
10-15-18 1949  It pays to use the proper replacement parts!.txt
10-15-18 1580  Joe went out drinking.txt
10-15-18 52796  Joke_explain.jpg
10-15-18 66186  Jokes 1.rar
10-15-18 1765251  Jokes And
10-15-18 1765251  Jokes and
10-15-18 460322  Lee Iacocca And Carrol Shelby Circa 1980.gif
10-15-18 144962  Lee Iacocca And Carrol Shelby Circa 1980.jpg
10-15-18 460322  Lee Iacocca and Carrol Shelby circa 1980.gif
10-15-18 1427682  Making It With Murphy's Law.pdf
10-15-18 713  Mans best friend.txt
10-15-18 1879659  Maxims and Sayings.pdf
10-15-18 111073  Meaning Of American Hand Gestures.pdf
10-15-18 111073  Meaning of American Hand Gestures.pdf
10-15-18 34503  Medical Dictionary.pdf
10-15-18 772010  My Final Decision.jpg
10-15-18 5341  Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Taster Named FRANK.txt
10-15-18 7692  Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Taster Named Frank.mht
10-15-18 1546  Oh Musicians!.txt
10-15-18 2134453  Omar Mung`s Dubious Dynasty.pdf
10-15-18 5087  PROGRAMERS CREATION.txt
10-15-18 2578  Physics Major If.txt
10-15-18 144173  Politically Correct Terms - A to L.pdf
10-15-18 499870  Poor Man's Laser Printer - From April 1991.pdf
10-15-18 2610  Proper Diskette and Care Usage.txt
10-15-18 71705  Relationship Rules.pdf
10-15-18 1289646  Remember When.pdf
10-15-18 971  Repainting The Steeple.txt
10-15-18 10008  Rude Astrology - The Male Starsigns.mht
10-15-18 68078  SNOW COVERED DREAMS.xps
10-15-18 22807  Sayings you'd like to see on office inspirational posters part 1.mht
10-15-18 95813  Science test answers.pdf
10-15-18 99703  So far today....pdf
10-15-18 1315  Some Joky stuff.txt
10-15-18 2647  Somthing for the beter half.txt
10-15-18 152513  State of the Union.pdf
10-15-18 82775  THE RULES -- THIS TIME BY MEN.xps
10-15-18 1418  THE TEST.txt
10-15-18 3675862  Ten Best Cop Stories.pdf
10-15-18 5020  The Accident Report.txt
10-15-18 1366849  The Aftermath of Mount St. Helens Erupting.jpg
10-15-18 2169713  The Binary Bible.pdf
10-15-18 1212839  The Future of Sports - Maybe.jpg
10-15-18 287  The Golden Years.txt
10-15-18 1325724  The Laws of J Edsel Murphy.pdf
10-15-18 1130  The Official Canadian Temperature Conversion Chart.txt
10-15-18 34428  The Proselytization Questionaire.txt
10-15-18 10240  The Rules - By Men.doc
10-15-18 2843664  The Sayings of Solomon Short.pdf
10-15-18 131075  The Trouble With Men.pdf
10-15-18 2050  The sheep.txt
10-15-18 7511652  Things My Aunt Finds Funny 1.pdf
10-15-18 13245582  Things My Aunt Finds Funny 2.pdf
10-15-18 1853310  Things My Aunt Finds Funny 3.pdf
10-15-18 810  Tide Testimonial.txt
10-15-18 810  Tide testimonial.txt
10-15-18 657  Top 10 reasons Computers are male.txt
10-15-18 1149  True stories.txt
10-15-18 259075  Truth About Camping Revealed.pdf
10-15-18 2759  Tyson-Holyfield Headlines.txt
10-15-18 643822  Usmc Answering Machine
10-15-18 216591  What Are Seniors Worth.pdf
10-14-18 1005  What Does It Take To Give Over 100%.txt
10-14-18 1005  What does it take to give over 100%.txt
10-15-18 987  Why are we always tired.txt
10-15-18 9854  Wife Night Out Permission Slip.pdf
10-15-18 52837  Wisdoms & Quotes.mht
10-15-18 1160  computer poetry.txt
10-15-18 7591  g'day.txt
10-15-18 1595  grammar.txt
10-15-18 5046  lawyer.txt
10-15-18 661  nun story.txt
10-15-18 1242  poor fluffy.txt
10-15-18 4080  rednecks.txt
10-15-18 1277  the genie.txt
10-15-18 312  widoze.txt

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