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  • automated account creation - the membership process should be automated. I rarely hear a complaint about anything, but I don't think people feel so safe emailing me a username and password to set up an account. I think people may feel more safe dealing with an automated system. make a donation, then type your account into right in to the computer and have it set up on the spot.
  • members only forum - the site doesn't seem to need a full forum, but it could still benefit from a single simple board or mailing list, maybe. still optional, but maybe only available to members. non-members wouldn't be able to post on or see the forum. for those who donate to openly communicate.
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Last Accessed Size  File
08-24-19 33980  Alpha Meditation Goggle Errata.pdf
08-24-19 9247785  Biofeedback - Assorted Articles.pdf
08-24-19 409058  Blood glucose meters - Maxim.mht
08-24-19 221924  Camera Shutter Speed Meter.pdf
08-24-19 705697  Designing Medical Devices for Isolation and Safety.pdf
08-24-19 589254  Doppler Ultrasound Heart Monitor.pdf
08-24-19 1702522  Electrocardiograph Part 2.pdf
08-24-19 1290032  Electrocardiograph.pdf
08-24-19 27614  Electronic Pedometer Errata - August 1979.pdf
08-24-19 102930  Fatal Current Levels.pdf
08-24-19 134292  Heart Monitor
08-24-19 118075  Heart Monitor Pickup and Pre-Amp.pdf
08-24-19 1915363  Heart Rate Monitor - Analog Meter.pdf
08-24-19 1965622  Heart Rate Monitor - Heart-A-Matic.pdf
08-24-19 58555  Heart Rate Monitor
08-24-19 613809  Heart Rate Monitor.pdf
08-24-19 27794  Heartbeat Preamplifier.pdf
08-24-19 362995  Medical Electronic Equipment Safety.pdf
08-24-19 767975  Medical Use Of Electric Shock.pdf
08-24-19 555075  Muscle Feedback Monitor.pdf
08-24-19 298990  Muscle Voltage Amplifier.pdf
08-24-19 346124  Muscle Whistler.pdf
08-24-19 150815  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.pdf
08-24-19 507506  Negative Ion Generator 2.pdf
08-24-19 1793071  Negative Ion Generator.pdf
08-24-19 196650  Progress in Hi-Fi Hearing Aid Design.pdf
08-24-19 769884  Psych Analyzer.pdf
08-24-19 2459182  Pulse Rate Meter.pdf
08-24-19 602478  Servicing 1960s Transistorized Hearing Aids.pdf
08-24-19 2592121  Synergy Card for your PC.pdf
08-24-19 33346  Wal-Mart $4 Generic Drug List.pdf
08-24-19 585687  Why is health care so expensive in the first place - CBS News.pdf

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