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09-17-17 36697  10 Channel Follower.pdf
09-19-17 63333  10 Led Chaser.pdf
09-11-17 219029  12V Colour Organ & Reverb.pdf
09-19-17 35733  12V Sound To Light Unit.pdf
09-19-17 93809  12V Sound To Light Unit2.pdf
08-29-17 752246  8 Bit Digital Firing Circuit.pdf
09-15-17 316306  8 Channel Running Light.pdf
09-13-17 17898  8 Led Scanner9.jpg
09-19-17 84754  Audio Trigger Circuit.pdf
09-14-17 102994  Austin Hotel Light Follower.pdf
09-13-17 173787  Back And Forth Sequential Flasher.pdf
09-23-17 7942  Bass Beat Extractor.gif
09-09-17 38944  Best Audio Trigger-Bass Beat Extractor Schematic Only.gif
09-19-17 89690  Color Organ 4
09-19-17 282061  Color Organ - J&J.pdf
09-19-17 51016  Color Organ with Active Filter.pdf
09-19-17 45551  Color Organ-3 Channel.pdf
09-20-17 1394111  Color Organs-Basic.pdf
08-31-17 132264  Colour Organ-Sheraton-Caravan Hotel-Edmonton-1975.pdf
09-15-17 785346  Colour-Sound System Design.pdf
09-11-17 77702  Darn New York Designers.pdf
09-24-17 88096  Digi Color Organ.pdf
09-12-17 377292  Digi-Trance.pdf
09-24-17 1072834  Digi_Color_Organ.pdf
09-19-17 219326  Flourescent Lamp Music Into Light Controller.pdf
09-09-17 40861  Flourescent Lamp S-L Unit.pdf
09-25-17 139994  Flourescent S-L unit installed at Scandals Disco.pdf
09-06-17 158122  Flourescent Sound To Light System.pdf
09-11-17 770966  Fraser Electronics Flourescent Lamp Sound to Light Flasher.pdf
09-11-17 831909  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller R22.pdf
09-03-17 129565  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller R2B Logic Section.pdf
09-09-17 148561  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller R5.pdf
09-22-17 105734  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller R7.pdf
09-22-17 313884  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller R9 Complete Schematic.pdf
09-17-17 521424  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller R9.pdf
08-21-17 205217  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller-Caper.pdf
09-19-17 295159  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller-Dale Holland.pdf
09-09-17 2152486  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller-Scandals Disco.pdf
09-22-17 318203  Fraser Electronics Lighting Controller-Verna Rhode.pdf
09-13-17 42613  Fraser Electronics PM-1 4 Channel Triac Board.pdf
09-11-17 921818  Fraser Electronics R1 Light Controller.pdf
09-08-17 1635523  Fraser Electronics R2B Light Controller.pdf
09-18-17 1137219  Fraser Electronics R3 Lighting Controller.pdf
09-17-17 1779009  Fraser Electronics R3A Lighting Controller.pdf
09-19-17 21006  Fraser Electronics R4 Strobe Controller 1979.pdf
09-19-17 59273  Fraser Electronics R4 Strobe Controller.pdf
09-07-17 205178  Fraser Electronics R4A Strobe Controller.pdf
09-19-17 257472  Fraser Electronics R4A_Strobe_Controller.pdf
09-22-17 91318  Fraser Electronics R6 Light Controller Power Board.pdf
09-06-17 734559  Fraser Electronics R6 Lighting Controller.pdf
09-19-17 222128  Fraser Electronics R7 Light
09-04-17 610403  Fraser Electronics R7 Lighting Controller.pdf
09-20-17 3661246  Fraser Electronics R9 Lighting Controller.pdf
09-10-17 181477  Fraser Electronics R9 Power Board.gif
09-12-17 233275  Fraser Electronics R9 Power Board.pdf
08-27-17 57756  Fraser Electronics R9_Power_Board.pdf
09-18-17 379062  Fraser Technologies Ltd Bass Beat Extraction Circuit for Triggering Lights.pdf
09-23-17 1133428  Fraser Technologies Ltd Light Follower for Austin Hotel-Vancouver.pdf
09-22-17 279727  Fraser Technologies Ltd Lighting Crossfader for Dimmable Lamps.pdf
09-10-17 826982  Fraser Technologies Ltd R22 Disco Light Controller.pdf
09-08-17 62059  Gatling Gun Lighting Effect Using 12V Pin Spots.pdf
09-13-17 398932  History of Color Organs.pdf
09-01-17 482224  Holtek 2040A Christmas Light Controller.pdf
08-26-17 32322  ITE RL-4000A Light Chaser Control Box.pdf
09-24-17 90235  Illusion 10K 10 Channel Chaser.pdf
09-24-17 137325  Illusions 10K 10-Channel Light Chaser.pdf
09-25-17 657871  Imagician.pdf
09-24-17 148312  Intelligent Light Controller.pdf
09-01-17 240794  Ite (taiwan) Light Chaser.pdf
09-06-17 308911  Kinetic Images From Sound.pdf
09-13-17 33262  Lamp Chaser-3 Channel-Logic Or Low Voltage Only.pdf
09-10-17 27561  Led Sequencer 4
09-25-17 3012  Led Sequencer Program.pdf
09-15-17 603716  Led Starburst.pdf
09-11-17 36580  Light Chaser Logic.pdf
09-07-17 84046  Light Controller - Eh Keith Unit.PDF
09-13-17 58039  Light Controller Schematic.pdf
09-23-17 58039  Light Controller schematic.pdf
09-05-17 374621  Light Controller-Walt Kowal.pdf
09-06-17 22566508  Lighting Controllers - Mainly Dan's
09-26-17 76490  Lx-800 Chaser & Strobe.PDF
09-25-17 131038  Lx-800 Controllers.PDF
09-06-17 26153  Magic
09-09-17 1682790  Microlights.pdf
09-15-17 205110
09-15-17 114355  Mode 4 Lamp Controller.pdf
09-25-17 57954  Mode Touch Switch.pdf
08-04-17 363253  Mode Unit 3 Light Controller.pdf
09-18-17 76938  Mode Unit 4.pdf
09-04-17 213973  Music Into Light.pdf
09-08-17 170779  Music Vision Project Corrections.pdf
08-22-17 19124  Neon Sequencer 12 Channel.ZIP
09-25-17 922697  Project Sphinx.pdf
09-25-17 262641  Pulsar Switching Pack.pdf
09-24-17 594202  Pulsar Touch Panel Rear Panel.pdf
09-18-17 648093  Pulsar Zero 3000 II and Zero 4000 Light Controllers.pdf
09-12-17 355122  Pulsating Psychedlic Flourescent Lamp.pdf
09-22-17 1944063  R2A Light Controller.pdf
09-07-17 1005858  R7 Controller A.jpg
09-07-17 1156208  R7 Controller B.jpg
09-25-17 516600  R7 Lighting Controller.pdf
09-20-17 2805617  R9 Lighting Controller.pdf
09-09-17 24171  R9 Power Board Layout.gif
09-13-17 44971  Running Light.pdf
09-25-17 1376588  Saloon Lighting.pdf
09-15-17 383588  Set Your Holiday Lights to Music.mht
08-28-17 56899  Simple Low Cost Disco
09-12-17 180188  Sm-328 Light Controller Logic Section.pdf
09-23-17 675019  Sound Activated Kaleidoscope.pdf
09-14-17 83861  Sound-To-Light Translator.pdf
09-24-17 808715  Spectracolumn.pdf
09-13-17 45643  Three Channel Light Chaser.pdf
09-15-17 182865  Three Channel Sound to Light Unit.pdf
09-20-17 36416  Touch Controlled Switch-Mode.pdf
09-24-17 423309  Tracerlite Information.pdf
09-13-17 89276  Triac Board Using Transistor Opto Couplers.pdf
08-30-17 418541  Variable Brightness Color Organ.pdf
09-25-17 1791770  Versatile Light Sequencer.pdf

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