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09-21-18 572035  4 to 20 mA Microcontroller Interface.pdf
09-21-18 179136  8088 I O Ports.PDF
09-21-18 830669  8255 Ppi Ibm Interface Card.PDF
09-21-18 15216  AES - EBU a n d SPDIF Digital Audio Interfaces.ZIP
09-21-18 16659  AES-EBU Interface FAQ.ZIP
09-21-18 44163  ARC's RS422  Tutorial & info on converters.mht
09-21-18 83493  Acoustic Coupler Driver.pdf
09-21-18 112544  Adaptec AVA-1502E ISA to SCSI Host Adapter OM.pdf
09-21-18 583  Analog Switch Expands I²C Interface - Maxim.mht
09-21-18 78237  Analog-Input Circuit Serves Any Microcontroller.pdf
09-21-18 245641  C Application Controls Simple ADC.pdf
09-21-18 20654  CMOS to TTL Interface with the 555.pdf
09-21-18 219456  Capacitance Sensor Interface.pdf
09-21-18 910061  Control Individual Parallel Port Lines
09-21-18 45124
09-21-18 10387  DEBOUNCE BETTER.gif
09-21-18 14325  DEBOUNCE BETTER.jpg
09-21-18 1098  DEBOUNCE.gif
09-21-18 644  DEBOUNCE.jpg
09-21-18 229897  Digital I-O Adapts to Many Interface Voltages.pdf
09-21-18 8676  Driving A Triac From A Pc.gif
09-21-18 38556  Driving A Triac From A Pc.jpg
09-21-18 22607  Driving LEDs from TTL.pdf
09-21-18 866237  Equalization Enhances RS-485 Links.pdf
09-21-18 930577  Experimenters ISA I-O Board.pdf
09-21-18 76386  Extend Ratings of One Wire Swirches.pdf
09-21-18 263030  Fundamentals of RS-232 Serial Communications.xps
09-21-18 478601  Galvanic Isolation for I2C Communications.pdf
09-21-18 26338  I2C - RS-485 adapter.mht
09-21-18 6233  ISA_to_8255_output_port.gif
09-21-18 1727  ISA_to_8255_output_port.jpg
09-21-18 114590  Increase Number of UARTS available from an MCU.pdf
09-21-18 404011  Industrial USB.pdf
09-21-18 91918  Inputing Parallel Data into a uC with one pin.pdf
09-21-18 375423  Interfacing CMOS.pdf
09-21-18 98320  Isolated 4-20 mA Current Loop.pdf
09-21-18 15656  Isolated I2C Interface.pdf
09-21-18 132136  LVDS Serializer-Deserializer Performance over Twisted Pair Cable.pdf
09-21-18 584  Level Translators For SPI™ and I²C Bus Signals - Maxim.mht
09-21-18 853599  Light Pen Information.pdf
09-21-18 64830  Logic to Load Drivers.pdf
09-21-18 505523  Maximizing ESD Immunity in Serial Buses.pdf
09-21-18 349376  Networking Processor Peripherals with I2C.pdf
09-21-18 7841921  PC I-O Breadboard.pdf
09-21-18 2018335
09-21-18 1012617  Parallel Port Interface
09-21-18 243936  Pc I O Interface.GIF
09-21-18 20286  Pc I O Interface.jpg
09-21-18 2018335  Pc
09-21-18 4578  Pcmcia Connector Pinout.txt
09-21-18 76466  Printer Interface Cardco For C64.pdf
09-21-18 54159  Programming Considerations for Real-time IO.mht
09-20-18 530858  RS-485 - Passive failsafe for an idle bus.pdf
09-21-18 22834  RS485, RS232, RS422, RS423, Quick Reference Guide.mht
09-21-18 195886  Roman Numeral Digital Display.pdf
09-21-18 4133  SP-DIF Information.TXT
09-21-18 280517  Selecting and Using RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 Serial Data Standards.xps
09-21-18 147602  Serial to RS-485 Adapter pcs71id1.jpg
09-21-18 92979  Talk to Multiple Devices with One UART.pdf
09-21-18 288524  Tiny USB to I2C Adapter.xps
09-21-18 704664  USB-2-I2C conversion board schematic AV02-0065EN.pdf
09-21-18 385274  Usb On-The-Go Basics.pdf
09-21-18 332686  Using a PC's RS-232 Serial Port To Communicate with 2-Wire Devices.xps
09-21-18 2314  a translator from 5 to 3V.gif
09-21-18 8315  a translator from 5 to 3V.jpg

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